• UroClub golf urinal
  • UroClub golf urinal



For Those Emergencies on the Green

Needing to leave the green in the middle of your game to take care of a personal matter isn’t always unavoidable, but you can cut down on most of those inopportune moments with a specialized golf club.

  • Discreet design
  • Easy for you to distinguish from your other clubs quickly
  • Towel included for privacy
  • Watertight screw-on/-off cap
  • High capacity interior, enough for twice the average urine flow’s volume
  • Easy to empty and clean at home

Product Description

Even without the typical bathroom facilities, which is the norm for most golf courses, the UroClub makes it possible, and easy, to take care of the problem facing many golfers – the need to pee. Instead of holding it, and making your game uncomfortable, or worse, rushing off to either the nearest treeline or faraway bathroom, golfers can now relax.

It’s your choice if you tell your golfing buddies what makes your latest club different or not, but doing so might increase your ability to use the device without being interrupted. Golfers who are farther away from you will only think you are practicing your putting skills, even if your friends know what you are doing. They might even want their own!

Not to be shared with others, the UroClub is specially designed to be discreet, even while being used out in the open. The included towel provides adequate privacy and ensures that nearby lady golfers will not be offended. Practicing at home in front of a mirror will help you become more confident in using the UroClub.

Knowing you won’t have to either dash off like a madman to the facilities or awkwardly move over to the treeline by aiming your swing on purpose (and throwing your game off in the process) to direct your ball to the nearest wooded area (if there is one), you’ll find you’re more confident throughout your entire game. This extra confidence is sure to decrease your stress and increase your ability to concentrate. A better score will surely follow.

You can store the UroClub with the rest of your other golf clubs until you need it, and then return it to your bag and continue on with your game.

Additional information

Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 40 in


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