Stadium Pal Portable Urinal Kit


The discrete portable restroom system for men

A portable urinal that can be worn on the inner calf. Originally developed as a health care product for the incontinent by the home health care industry. The STADIUM PAL avails itself from high-tech research.  If you are looking for a smaller collection bag, select the Mini Kit when ordering.

Click here for extra Freedom Clear Male External Catheters to add to your kit.

The 7088 T-tap Leg Bag from Coloplast has been discontinued, and replaced with the new, improved 21027 for greater comfort and use.  

  • New Flocked Backing
  • New ergonomic design
  • Clear drainage valve to allow for visual Confirmation of open & close
  • Improved Non-PVC Bag: Clear, Softer, Quiet
  • Improved Straps: Wide 100% Latex-Free Velcro® straps
  • Improved Flutter Valve: Softer material, with new folding pattern to eliminate valve Crimps

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