• Stadium Pal portable urinal
  • Stadium Pal portable urinal leg bag
  • Stadium Pal portable urinal
  • Male External Catheter
  • Urinary Collection Bag
  • Stadium Pal portable urinal
  • Stadium Pal portable urinal

Stadium Pal Portable Urinal Kit


The discrete portable restroom system for men

A portable urinal that can be worn on the inner calf. Originally developed as a health care product for the incontinent by the home health care industry. The STADIUM PAL avails itself from high-tech research.  If you are looking for a smaller collection bag, select the Mini Kit when ordering.

Click here for extra Freedom Clear Male External Catheters to add to your kit.

The 7088 T-tap Leg Bag from Coloplast has been discontinued, and replaced with the new, improved 21027 for greater comfort and use.  

  • New Flocked Backing
  • New ergonomic design
  • Clear drainage valve to allow for visual Confirmation of open & close
  • Improved Non-PVC Bag: Clear, Softer, Quiet
  • Improved Straps: Wide 100% Latex-Free Velcro® straps
  • Improved Flutter Valve: Softer material, with new folding pattern to eliminate valve Crimps

Click here to view condom catheter size guide >

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Product Description

The Stadium Pal kit is the ultimate portable urinal for men.  It is completely discrete and safe to wear for almost any occasion.  Since it’s popularity began in the late 90’s many people forget that it was originally developed to help men manage urinary incontinence.  For convenience or recovery from prostate surgery there is not an easier item to use that allows for complete freedom without worry about where the closest restroom is.

Safer to use than in indwelling catheter, and more practical than an adult undergarment, it has opened the doors for so many men who used to be afraid to go out in public for fear of having an accident.  What makes it unique is the male external catheter.  Made of 100% Silicone it is a latex free material that is clear to see through so that skin can be inspected if necessary.  Male externals come in different sizes.  The measurement needed to determine the size is a girth measurement.  Using the “Sizing Guide”  helps to choose the best fit, and takes all the guessing out of which size is needed.

Helps those that are going through Prostate Recovery.

Each catheter can be worn once and has a maximum wear time of about 24 hours.  Once it is removed it cannot be reused. Additional catheters can be purchased separately.

The STADIUM PAL consists of 4 simple components:

  • The Male External Catheter worn like a condom (7 ea.)
  • 18″ (cut to fit) flexible hose with connector (1 ea.)
  • Latex free straps (2ea.),
  • Collection bag (1000 ml)with drain valve(1 ea.) Standard Kit or Collection bag (500 ml)with drain valve(1 ea.) for Mini Kit


Not just for sporting events-Other users include

Traveling, Flying, Hunting and Fishing, Aviators, Concerts, Physical Therapy, Pub Crawling, And Long Distance Motorcycle Riders, Prostate Recovery

Stadium Gals, and Stadium Pals make great gifts!

If you are getting the Stadium Pal for a GIFT, or not sure on a size choose the “Assortment” option. You’ll get 6 ea. of the male external catheters in the most popular sizes. 2-Medium, 2-Intermediate, 2-Large.  Unused ones can be exchanged at a later time once the correct size needed is known.

How to size a male catheter

To determine the correct size of male external catheter use the provided measurement guide. Print out the PDF file and cut out the half moon circles. Rest the guide across the penis while it is in a relaxed state. Choose the size that it best fits into. If you find yourself in between 2 sizes choose the smaller size. If after you apply the catheter and it feels a little tight, you can take a blunt pair of scissors and snip the band at the base of the catheter. This should relieve the pressure.

For men with sensitive skin who wear a male catheter

Use of a skin barrier can help men who may have sensitive or frail skin. This will create an invisible barrier between the skin and the adhesive inside the sheath of the catheter. We like to call it “fake skin”. This invisible shield when applied to the skin will leave it feeling a little tacky. The adhesive in the catheter will now come in contact with the barrier and not the real skin. The skin barrier can easily be removed in the shower with soap and warm water.

Male external catheter is hard to remove

Removing the male catheter should just be as easy as putting it on, but if it is too difficult an adhesive remover can be used. Snip the band at the base of the catheter and work the remover under it. Gently peel away the catheter. The adhesive remover is also used for any suborn residue left on the skin from the adhesive. Taking a shower and using warm water and soap will also help with removing the catheter. Remember to take your time and be gentle.

Urine remains in the tube and catheter collapses

Some men have an issue with the leg bag and urine is retaining in the tubing and the catheter is collapsing while on the penis. What is happening is a vacuum effect when the leg bag is drained. When the urine is draining it is pulling the air with it creating the vacuum effect. This collapses the catheter and will not allow all the urine to drain from the tubing and the bag will appear to be stuck together.

An easy way to alleviate this is to first make sure that there is a small pocket of air in the collection bag before the bag is used for the first time of the day. This can be done by blowing into the tubing before inserting the catheter in it. Then when the bag is drained do not drain the entire amount from the bag. Leave a small amount of urine in the bag ( an ounce or so) and this will prevent the vacuum you may experience. It should not interfere with the operation of the bag, but it’s better to not have this.

Additional information

Weight 0.4688 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 2 in

Standard (1000ml – 34 oz pouch), Mini (500ml – 16 oz pouch)

Condom Catheter Size

Small 23mm, Medium 28mm, Intermediate 31mm, Large 35mm, Extra Large 41mm, Assortment



Leg Bag Dimensions

Standard: 6" wide x 11" long Mini: 5" wide x 9 3/4" long


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