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Originally created to help men going through prostate surgery recovery or dealing with heavy incontinence issues. The Stadium Pal is leakproof and the urine bag straps securely to your calf. It’s not obvious that you’re wearing the device, and is better than using adult diapers!

We offer The Stadium Gal which is the most recommended portable urinal for women. A great product to way to avoid public restrooms, social distancing, and keep your hands germ free!


Jeff Luckey - Owner and Inventor of the Stadium Pal

“It’s fun to help a sports fan, but it’s better to help someone get their life back.” – Jeff Luckey, Owner

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BYO Toilet? ‘Stadium Pal’ Creator Says Cubs Fans Needed His Catheter

Long bathroom lines at Wrigley Field and the Stadium Pal product

CHICAGO — Jeff Luckey can empathize with the fans waiting in epically long lines to use the Wrigley Field bathrooms Sunday night during the Cubs’ home opener.

“I know the feeling. It sucks, and it’s always bad when someone doesn’t make it, because I could have saved you here,” said Luckey,
the owner of Stadium Pal, an external catheter.
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The Stadium Pal/ Stadium Gal

Do you love tailgating at concerts and sporting events… but hate when you have to use the restroom?
Why break away from the fun to visit the restrooms, when can relieve yourself in front of all your friends and family without anyone knowing?
The Stadium Pal is a portable urinal that you can discreetly attach to yourself under your pants.
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Inside Tailgating: Stadium Pal Kit

You know what they say, when you gotta go, you gotta go.
Unfortunately, “going” isn’t always the easiest thing to do at a tailgate when there are 100,000 people packed into a small space before a football game
and no port-a-potty in sight. But instead of “solving” the problem by flooding your drawers or walking around with bulky Depends, check out this invention first.
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The Ultimate Portable Urinal

The Stadium Pal is the ultimate portable urinal, and has opened the doors for many other users.
Long distance Motor Cycle riders that participate in the Iron Butt have found that the Stadium Pal is an absolute necessity.
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The Stadium Pal – Real Sports Fans Pee in Their Pants

Have you ever been at a sporting event and found it so riveting that no matter how urgently you needed to urinate, you couldn’t tear yourself away,
resulting in the embarrassment of peeing your pants? Is finding a bathroom such a hassle that you’d rather evacuate your bladder into your basketball shorts?
Then the Stadium Pal is something you should not be without.
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10 thoughts on “In the Media

    • Stadium Pal Support says:

      Hi Kandy, the kit includes 7 condom catheters. The bag, the hose, and the straps are reusable but the condom catheters should be disposed after using them. Thanks for your question!

  1. Wendel Sloan (575-749-1631) says:

    I just ordered a Stadium Pal kit, but the credit card I used has a different billing address from my shipping address. I can not find a way to contact you on your web site. Please contact me so I can give you the correct information. Thank you.

  2. Robert Hagerty says:

    I’m having a problem with the new collection bags (2) developing leaks in the bag wall. I’d like to use the older version that is stronger as I’m an active individual. Are they still available ? If they are please supply them in my current order in place of the newer model. Thank you.
    R Hagerty

    • StadiumPal Support says:

      Hi Esequiel, we apologize for this problem you are experiencing.
      Please call our customer support team to get a replacement. Also, we would like to better understand where is the leaking happening.
      Phone number: 1-877-782-3675
      StadiumPal Online Support

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