Stadium Pal IS completely discreet

Originally created to help men going through prostate surgery recovery or dealing with heavy incontinence issues. The Stadium Pal uses a leakproof external catheter and a urine bag that straps securely to your calf.

It’s not obvious that you’re wearing the device, and is better than using adult diapers! A great alternative to crowded and unhygienic public restrooms.


This is the ultimate portable urinal for men because it provides a convenient way to relief yourself on the go.

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The Portable Urinal Kit Includes:

✔ 7 male external catheters
✔ 18″ flexible hose with connector
✔ 2 latex free straps
✔ A pee bag to collect the urine

A completely discrete device that is safe to wear for almost any occasion. For convenience or as a tool during recovery from prostate surgery. The fact is that this portable urinal allows for complete freedom without worrying about how far or crowded the restroom is.



Because a Lady shouldn’t spend her time waiting in line at the ballpark!

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Because most women have struggled with long restroom lines at public events, we developed the Stadium Gal.

This portable urinal is an easy and safe to use solution for women.

The Stadium Gal portal urinal is an adaptation of a product that has already been used in the Health Care industry for a long time: a Female Urinary Pouch.  This pouch is non-latex and contains an odor-barrier pouch film.



As a fly fisherman, I was always inconvenienced to dress in my waders, boots and vest then wade in to a stream to find out that I had to get out immediately to undress and relieve myself. As an older person, I have to go often making it more inconvenient to continually wade out of the stream (which disturbs the fish) to take off my waders to do what has to be done. The Stadium Pal has solved my problem. I now can dress in all my fly fishing gear and wade into a stream and enjoy the fishing without having to exit the stream frequently.

Michael G. / Montana, USA


Stadium Pal In The Media - The Ultimate Portable Urinal


The Stadium Pal portable urinal provides a reliable and safe solution to constant pee breaks, unnecessary pit stops, and incontinence.

Here are a few examples of people using these convenient portable urinals:

  • Long distance motorcycle riders participating in IRON BUTT
  • Paragliders who spend hours in the air
  • Professional gamers who must stay at their seat for long hours
  • Men and women who are experiencing incontinence issues
  • People attending events like Oktoberfest, Mardi Gras, and New Year’s Eve at Times Square

All of us hate wasting time taking pee breaks at inconvenient times.

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Stadium Pal Portable Urinal. The Original Since 1998


Tailgating is one of the most important parts of the day for many people attending sporting events. Therefore, families and friends spend hours planning the food, activities and drinks that will be part of tailgating. When the drinks go down it’s only a matter of time before someone needs to “break the seal”. At this moment, the nightmare of searching for a restroom and spending time waiting in line begins!

Avoid wasting time in restroom lines by ordering the Stadium Pal portable urinal for men and Stadium Gal portable urinal for women.