Welcome to the home of the world famous Stadium Pal! The Stadium Pal helps people enjoy sporting events, concerts, theater and other events without missing any part of the fun. Numerous sports fans, men and women, use this portable urinal especially when it comes to tailgating. All of our products are brought to you by BioRelief.com.


The Ultimate Portable Urinal for Men & Women

The Stadium Pal is the ultimate portable urinal because it provides a reliable and safe solution to constant pee breaks, unnecessary pit stops and incontinence problems. Here are a few examples of the people using Stadium Pal and Stadium Gal:

  • Long distance Motorcycle riders that participate in the Iron Butt have found that the Stadium Pal is an absolute necessary.
  • Para Gliders that spend hours in the air have found its uses immeasurable.
  • Special events like Oktoberfest, Mardi Gras, New Year’s Eve at Times Square, and the list goes on and on.
  • Many men who have experienced a prostate problem have found that the Stadium Pal is just what they were looking for.

A Tailgating Must Have

For many people attending sporting events, tailgating is one of the most important parts of the day. Families and friends spend hours planning the food, activities and drinks that will be part of tailgating. And when the drinks go down it’s only a matter of time before someone needs to break the seal. The nightmare of searching for a restroom and spending time waiting in line begins!
All of us hate wasting time taking pee breaks instead of enjoying it with with family and friends.

Stadium Pal

The Stadium Pal kit is the ultimate portable urinal for men. It is completely discrete and safe to wear for almost any occasion. For convenience or recovery from prostate surgery there is not an easier item to use that allows for complete freedom without worry about where the closest restroom is.


Stadium Gal

“Because a Lady shouldn’t spend her time waiting in line at the ballpark!” Once again we have adapted a product that has already been used in the Health Care Industry, and provided it to those who hate the waiting. It is called a Female Urinary Pouch.

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As a fly fisherman, I was always inconvenienced to dress in my waders, boots and vest then wade in to a stream to find out that I had to get out immediately to undress and relieve myself. As an older person, I have to go often making it more inconvenient to continually wade out of the stream (which disturbs the fish) to take off my waders to do what has to be done. The Stadium Pal has solved my problem. I now can dress in all my fly fishing gear and wade into a stream and enjoy the fishing without having to exit the stream frequently.

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