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The Stadium Pal is quite simple.
It consists of 4 basic components.

  1. The Male External Catheter. The external catheter is worn just like a condom. It is latex free, and made of silicone so there is no chance of a latex infection. It is lined with adhesive much like a band aid. When worn properly the male external will not leak or come off. Since every man is different the male externals come in 5 different sizes. And yes in this particular case size is important, but all one needs to do is to print out the SIZING GUIDE, cut out the half moons, and there is no guessing. This is a girth measurement, and has nothing to do with length.

    If you need extra male external catheters stadium Pal Kits contain the Freedom Clear Male External Catheter

  2. The 20" tubing connects to the External catheter, and to the collection bag. It is designed to be “cut to fit”. In most cases a few inches of tubing will need to be taken off. This is a good idea. Although the tubing does contain baffles every few inches to prevent kinks, be sure to trim the smooth section of the tubing leaving as much as of the smooth section as possible. This is where the connector will be inserted.

  3. The Stadium Pal comes with a 1000ml collection bag. That comes to about 34oz. Inside the bag is a flutter valve at the top of the bag. This prevents any back flow. So once urine enters the bag, the only way for it to go out is through the valve at the bottom of the bag.

    Original versions of the Stadium Pal came with the T-Tap valve at the bottom. The manufacturer has discontinued that bag and replaced it with a new and improved bag for greater comfort.

  4. Latex-Free Velcro® straps are also provided, and again designed to be cut to fit. The 1 ½” strap is used for the upper part of the bag. The 1” strap for the lower part. These straps are also an improvement from the previous straps that were not as wide. A wider strap gives greater comfort.


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