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This is the home of the world renown Stadium Gal. Brought to you by BioRelief.com. It didn't take long after the Stadium Pal made its debut back in 1998 that the ladies wanted to know what was available for them. So we researched what was out there, and found a device that could serve the purpose. Again, we found a product that already existed for years in the Home Health Care Industry, and gave it a new name.

Everybody knows that the restroom lines for the ladies are longer than the men's line, and move at a much slower pace. Using the Stadium Gal for Tailgating, Mardi Gras, New Year's Eve in Times Square, and Oktoberfest along with other endurance events have given women equal ground to stand on. So ladies you asked us and we delivered

And just has the Stadium Pal has helped the elderly, and those with disabilities, the Stadium Gal follows in its steps. Sometimes it's not just about sporting events. It's about being able to go out with confidence. So read about what it is. Maybe you or someone you love could benefit from the Stadium Gal.

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