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This is the home of the world famous Stadium Pal brought to you by BioRelief.com. The Stadium Pal has appeared on radio shows, and TV shows all over the world. The Pal has helped numerous sports fans enjoy their favorite sporting event, especially when it comes to tailgating. Every week people attending sporting events have made tailgating one of the most important events in the week. Hours are spent planning on what food, and drink will be necessary. And when the drinks go down its only a matter of time before someone needs to break the seal, and finds themselves spending more time looking for a restroom line to stand in hoping they don't pee in their pants, then enjoying time with family and friends.

The Stadium Pal is the ultimate portable urinal, and has opened the doors for many other users. Long distance Motor Cycle riders that participate in the Iron Butt have found that the Stadium Pal is an absolute necessary. Para Gliders that spend hours in the air have found its uses immeasurable. Oktoberfest, Mardi Gras, New Year’s Eve at Times Square, and the list goes on and on. Since its popularity, its actual use is sometimes over looked. Many men who have experienced a prostate problem have found that the Stadium Pal is just what they were looking for. So check it out. See how it works, and see if the Pal doesn’t seem like one of the best marketing ideas you’ve ever heard.

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